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“Walking With Elephants by Karen S Bell”- Book Review

“Walking With Elephants”- Book Review
By Ms.Bhawana Bhowmik

Walking With Elephants 

by Karen S Bell Published by K.S.B Press, first in August 10,2010, republished in November 17th, 2011. ISBN10:1934037699, ISBN13:978-1934037690, priced at $14.40, Kindle ASIN: B006BG7G90 priced $2.87 

Genuine True story of every working mother!!

A women centrist book as it seemed to me initially but as my journey progressed deeper into Suez Halls chaotic life I was compelled to change my mind, it is an exceptionally good read for men and women equally, it helps to truly understand the life of a modern woman, super mom, Juggling personal aspirations, career professional life and the responsibilities of being a mom to kids, a wife and still smiling living.

There is more to a women’s life then what is evident apparently, deeper self-searching side which usually is ignored or not explored. Author has beautifully disguised these aspects of a women’s personality subtly between the daily life scenes of Suez’s life.

I completely related with this piece from the book:
What if along with this visibility, the role of mother was considered just as vital; just as important? What if motherhood was a valid experience to put on a resume? What if telecommuting made it possible to stay at home and be an executive? What if women could put their children in schools near their work? Nursed them in their offices? What if women were given a paid maternity leave of two-years so they cold imprint their moral character on their children and still keep their jobs? . . . . And countless other innovations that would be created from women’s needs and wants?”

Author is adroitly asking some very deep questions. These are today’s global issues related to gender inequality. Yes we have moved away from the basic yet the primary issues dwell. The issue of child rendering, cooking etc. still considered to be a woman’s domain, what has changed is that now she is also equally responsible for providing financial support. The story of this book revolves around these issues.

The challenges of a women have not changed they still remain!

Suez Hall is the protagonist, a woman struggling to balance all aspects of her life. Elliott is a dependable male-gay coworker who successfully reached the status of being a friend in Suez’s life. Marcia is her unmarried best friend - a soothing balm amidst the disarray of her busy life.

I was greatly humored by the author’s sense of humor there were multiple occasions while reading this book where I was more than smiling.

Discreetly hidden philosophy is another aspect of this book that I liked truly!

The story has quite a few side characters,  Harry Binder is Suez’s boss a moderate villain like all regular real life boss. Author’s description of his character makes him a cruel interesting piece to read there was a point when I secretly felt sorry for him.

It is amazing how as a reader I was feeling for the characters. In a way experiencing what the author wanted to make the reader experience.

The name of the book completely correlates with the story and this you will realize after reading it. It is a great book to read for all.

A poetic expression that comes to me after reading this great read, my mind says:

Walking with elephants
Crazy giant greedy beasts
A women’s silent story!

Surrounded with animosity
Diverse responsibilities
Quite women’s world!!

Longing for change
Burdened mother’s womb
Searching solace!

This book seemed like it was my story, written with deep insights similar to what I found deep inside.

I am not surprised that it is a TOP-5 FINALIST in the Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Books of 2012 and is awarded the AIA Seal of Excellence in independent fiction by Awesome Indies, I feel the subject has great potential and the author failed to take complete advantage it did not reach the next level. This is a great read but has an exceptionally great potential to become the best books on women’s life.

The casual writing style I think an imprint from author’s earlier professional roles, (she was mostly writing light conversational pieces as a celebrity interviewer and as a critique) makes the subject of the book sound not so serious.
I would however advocate for a more mature writing style!

The storyline is simple but the content and the way the author has used her skills to bring out the hidden meaning of daily life occurrences in a woman’s life. Her view is great on a lot of issues. The insightful comments make you wonder and ponder over the thought.
I would say this could have become the best book everybody’s read!

Author of Walking With Elephants Published by K.S.B Press, first in August 10, 2010, republished in November 17, 2011

Karen S Bell wore many hats and has evolved to be a writer she was a theater critic and celebrity interviewer for a weekly tabloid in Jacksonville, Fl. She was also an editor/writer at a major accounting firm, and technical editor for a monthly accounting magazine!

Holds a Master’s in Mass Communication from Oklahoma State University, an ardent observer of life and has a keen eye for feminine values this is demonstrated through her writing specially this book. Her approach to human challenges is unique. She continues to search for answers in the mundane as well as in the cosmic forces that surround us. She is working on her third novel and lives in Ponte Vedra, Fl. with her husband and their two lovely kids.